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MeditationMeditation Pure and Simple
by Dr Ian Gawler

RRP  $24.95 AUD

Knowing the basics of meditation and overcoming the problems many beginners have are perhaps the two most important aspects of meditation when you first begin. This book will help you through the difficult times many people experience at first and encourage even the most reluctant person to become dedicated to daily meditation.

This book is now the definitive guide to mediation by one of the world's foremost teachers of meditation.  It includes chapters on the Heart and Essence of Meditation, A Theoretical Framework, The Direct Approach, The Proper Environment, Relaxation, Calming the Mind, Putting the Practice Together and many other inspiring chapters. For anyone wanting to learn about and practise mediation, this books is an important tool.


Peace of Mind : New Edition
by Dr. Ian Gawler

RRP $24.95 AUD

This book fully explains the techniques of meditation and the many benefits that can be obtained from the practice of meditation, visualisation and positive thinking. The author places emphasis upon the fact that a state of peace of mind is now recognised as essential for well being and perfect health.

Surviving Cancer
Inspiring Stories of Hope and Healing

Paul Kraus (Editor)
Professor Gabriel Kune (Foreword)
Dr Ian Gawler (Introduction)

RRP : AUD $21.95

For many people the diagnosis of cancer seems like a death sentence... but it need not necessarily be so. "Surviving Cancer" brings us stories of hope and inspiration, from people who have successfully recovered from all kinds of cancers- even some against medical odds.  We become aware of just how much more than pure medical/surgical treatment is involved in bringing about successful survival.  The way we live, think and focus all come into play.  Diet, meditation and finding the right mindset and strategies are powerful survival tools.  A holistic approach melding body, mind and spirit, allow the body to unleash its full healing power.

Each person tells his or her own story, in their own words, describing the ups and downs, highs and lows, in their very personal cancer journey.  They give us insight into their thought processes and what failures and successes they experienced in their battle. Each story shows remarkable honesty and a deep view of their emotions, devastations and hopes.

"Cancer might rob us of that blissful ignorance that once led us to believe that tomorrow stretches forever.  In exchange, we are granted the vision to see each today as precious, a gift to be used wisely and richly.  No one can take that away."

The book is edited by Paul Kraus, himself a cancer sufferer whose recent writing focus has been on health and healing.

"Surviving Cancer" shares real life examples of those who have recovered from cancer and provides encouragement and hope to others who are beginning their own journey.  Cancer can be beaten- and the more open you are to utilising everything possible, and the more you have in your cancer-fighting toolbox, the better your odds can be.  This book can help fill in some of the gaps and give inspiration and motivation.

A Recipe for Life 2The Gawler Foundation Cookbook
A Recipe for Life 2

Dorothy Edgelow

RRP: AUD$34.95

A Recipe for Life 2 offers a complete pathway to health.  Over 170 new wheat, dairy and egg-free recipes.  Important nutritional information helps the reader follow this path.  Delicious recipes include fish, vegetables, salads, soups, dips, sauces, stuffings, bread, tofu, desserts, cakes, drinks, grains and pulses to mention a few.

The Gawler Foundation is known throughout the world and this book is the second in the series by Dorothy Edgelow.

The Gawler Foundation Cookbook: A Recipe for Life 1
by Dorothy Edgelow

RRP: AUD $34.95

Dorothy Edgelow has dedicated much of her life to the pursuit of healthy and nutritious food and was responsible for the nutritional component of the Gawler Foundation programs.  This book includes a comprehensive description of the whole food diet that is served on all of the courses, recipes from the kitchen, healthy preparation methods, an explanation of some of the less well known ingredients and a guide to sourcing whole foods.  The 28-day menu plan and weekly shopping lists are a wonderful resource for the reader.  Over 100 recipes and a full colour section of completed dishes.

Nutritional Reference and Cook Book
by Dorothy Edgelow (The Gawler Foundation) for The Children’s Whole Health Foundation & Author of The Gawler Foundation Cookbook)

RRP : AUD $19.95

With the enormous problem of childhood obesity and depression throughout the world, this book has been written to assist parents and children lead happier and healthier lives.  This publication provides parents (and children) with comprehensive and important nutritional advice.

Information and diagrams on the twelve body systems, i.e. the respiratory and digestive systems are included, as well as information on the vitamins, minerals and foods essential to each system. 

  • Over 200 recipes

  • A Nutrient Content Chart; and

  • Complementary therapies.

The author is known for her work with The Gawler Foundation and assisted Ian Gawler in establishing the Foundation in the early ‘80s.


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