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Reflux RealityThe Safety Bubble
By Dr Victoria Atkinson

RRP : AUD$24.95

"Sage advice and tips to make sure your home is the safest it can be for your kids" - Lisa Wilkinson, Channel Nine's TODAY Show.

This book empowers families and professionals alike with the information to understand how and why children are injured and more importantly, teaches them to see and experience spaces through childproof glasses. Each chapter tackles safety strategies for some part of a child's world; from nursery and home setup, to the yard, playground, pool, garage, and car. The Safety Bubble also explains the staggering array of baby equipment.

This comprehensive companion for families and childcare professionals has the power to prevent childhood injuries and to save lives.

Dr Victoria Atkinson is a cardiac surgeon and as a doctor has seen the realities of poor child safety first-hand. She is the mother of three young children, founder and designer of childproofing website www.childproof.com.au and a freelance writer and regular columnist for national Australian parenting magazines. It is her hope that The Safety Bubble finds a home on the bookshelves of families and carers everywhere and that it makes a difference in the lives of Australian children.

Below is an interview with the author of The Safety Bubble, Dr Victoria Atkinson.

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Reflux RealityReflux Reality : A Guide for Families
By Glenda Blanch

RRP : AUD$24.95

"Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families" offers comprehensive advice and practical guidelines and support.  It is the essential book for any family with a baby or child that suffers from reflux. 

 'Having barely existed through reflux with both of our boys when they were babies, I know first hand how challenging those days can be.  How much more supported I would have felt if I had had a book like this.' - Felicity Chapman, Founder and Director, Mothers Be Heard.

 The author Glenda Blanch is the mother to three children who have all suffered reflux and its complications.  She has experience as a registered nurse and so armed with both medical knowledge and life experience she is the ideal person to what written this book.  She has an insight into the medical aspects of the condition, knows what parents want and need to know and conveys the information in a language that is easy to understand.  She has also worked tirelessly for the Reflux Infants Support Association Inc for many years.


Happy Children: Secrets of How They Think
By Elizabeth Gould

RRP : AUD$21.95

A heartwarming and uplifting book which gives us an insight into the secret world of happy children.  It is unique in that it is not based on an adult analysis of children with difficulties but on personal and in-depth interviews that tell us in the children’s own words how they feel about themselves and the world.  Elizabeth Gould has that rare gift of being able to communicate with these children and encourage them to want to share their happiness with her.  The book reveals a picture of children who face the usual ups and downs yet have found a way to be happy and stay happy.

 Elizabeth Gould had a senior career as a lawyer and consultant in the corporate world before her life changed.  She had barely recovered from a brutal home attack when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Throughout all these trials Elizabeth maintained a hugely positive attitude and she is now free of cancer.  Her bestselling book Secrets of Cancer Survivors has received wide acclaim in Australia and been translated into several languages.


Baby Massage
Baby Massage
by Amelia Auckett

RRP $17.95 AUD

An international bestseller - "Baby Massage" is available in twelve countries. "Baby Massage" is presented as a new concept of an ancient art.



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