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Reflux RealityThe Safety Bubble
By Dr Victoria Atkinson

RRP : AUD$24.95

"Sage advice and tips to make sure your home is the safest it can be for your kids" - Lisa Wilkinson, Channel Nine's TODAY Show.

This book empowers families and professionals alike with the information to understand how and why children are injured and more importantly, teaches them to see and experience spaces through childproof glasses. Each chapter tackles safety strategies for some part of a child's world; from nursery and home setup, to the yard, playground, pool, garage, and car. The Safety Bubble also explains the staggering array of baby equipment.

This comprehensive companion for families and childcare professionals has the power to prevent childhood injuries and to save lives.

Dr Victoria Atkinson is a cardiac surgeon and as a doctor has seen the realities of poor child safety first-hand. She is the mother of three young children, founder and designer of childproofing website www.childproof.com.au and a freelance writer and regular columnist for national Australian parenting magazines. It is her hope that The Safety Bubble finds a home on the bookshelves of families and carers everywhere and that it makes a difference in the lives of Australian children.


Teenagers & GriefTeenagers & Grief : Coping with Loss
Doris Zagdanski

RRP :AUD$17.95

Teenagers and Grief is a superb guide for teenagers and parents alike. Parents will find ways to help their children by showing them how to cope with loss and helping them to express their grief, thoughts and feelings. There is also critical information on when parents need to seek urgent outside help. Several teenagers express their feelings in the book and these give us an insight into the depths of their grief.

This is an insightful, tender book written by Doris Zagdanski who is a recognized professional specializing in the field of grief awareness. With over 25 years experience as an educator and author, she is sought after as a keynote speaker and trainer for health care providers, schools, churches and community organizations.

Essential reading for anyone who deals with teenagers on a regular basis.

A teenager – no longer a child, yet still not an adult. Expected to behave like an adult, but not knowing how to.

Twenty years ago Doris Zagdanski wrote ‘Many teenagers grieve silently’. Does she still hold this view all these years later? The answer is simply ‘yes’.

The death of a parent, sibling or friend is devastating for the teenager. Apart from death,  in today’s world, the most common way young people experience grief is through divorce, separation, a re-marriage or creation of a blended family. Other triggers include  loss of home, pets and personal property through fire or flood, obesity or poor body image – not being ‘pretty enough’ or ‘slim enough’, loss of friendship – boyfriend or girlfriend, loss of trust because of sexual abuse, bullying, learning that you were adopted or lack of success at school.

Grief can cause increased risk taking, on-going depression and in severe cases, suicide.

Reflux Reality : A Guide for Families
By : Glenda Blanch

RRP : AUD$24.95

"Reflux Reality: A Guide for Families" offers comprehensive advice and practical guidelines and support.  It is the essential book for any family with a baby or child that suffers from reflux. 

 'Having barely existed through reflux with both of our boys when they were babies, I know first hand how challenging those days can be.  How much more supported I would have felt if I had had a book like this.' - Felicity Chapman, Founder and Director, Mothers Be Heard.

 The author Glenda Blanch is the mother to three children who have all suffered reflux and its complications.  She has experience as a registered nurse and so armed with both medical knowledge and life experience she is the ideal person to what written this book.  She has an insight into the medical aspects of the condition, knows what parents want and need to know and conveys the information in a language that is easy to understand.  She has also worked tirelessly for the Reflux Infants Support Association Inc for many years.

What About Me?What About Me?
by George Vlamakis, Illustrated by Elise Hurst

RRP $15.95

Jamie is typical of many children who are the siblings of seriously ill children. He feels left out and confused because his parents have to devote the bulk of their time to his sick sister, Susie. Jamie feels angry and resentful, jealous and sad. Sometimes Jamie 'acts out' to get his parents' attention, other times he withdraws in silence. Jamie is desperate for his parents to understand how he is feeling, and help him find a path forward. He wants nothing more than to feel the unity and closeness of family once again. WHAT ABOUT ME? provides a strong message of understanding, love and uniqueness for the sibling. It will help parents understand the feelings of the sibling child and give a healthy re-focus on the family as a unit.

Magic Me, Yoga, a magical gift for all agesMagic Me
Yoga, A Magical Gift for All Ages
By Jane Wiesner

RRP : AUD $15.95

Magic Me is the second in a series of books (Who Am I? being the first) by author Jane Wiesner, to introduce children and adults to the magic of yoga.  It is primarily a children’s picture book but can be used as an instruction book for anyone interested in yoga – it is simply an interactive journey of fun and fitness for all age groups.

Schools are now starting to teach children yoga and parents also are learning the benefits of buying yoga books for children and teaching them at home. Magic Me is perfect for this purpose.

 Reasonably priced, beautifully illustrated and easy to read ……

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