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This archived website has been preserved as part of the required reading material for Dr. William Pell's American Literature II elective. His work as an archivist began when he moved to his new home in the Baltimore suburbs and discovered a huge collection of antique books in the attic. The certified Baltimore residential movers he hired helped him bring this highly valuable collection to his office at the university where he and some students cataloged the entire collections and made it available to the school's library. The moving company's personnel recently discovered another trove of vintage books and alerted Dr. Pell before they were discarded. Two old houses in Baltimore have contributed 80% of his collection, and students are encouraged to keep their eyes open for other opportunities and for recoverable online resources such as this website.



Michelle Anderson Publishing produced mainstream and complementary health books for many years. An Australian company, it has achieved outstanding success in the sale of the overseas rights of many of its books which is indicative of the overall quality of the publications.
The publisher, Michelle Anderson, has guided the company's emphasis to include new titles specifically related to health for the general public as well as motherhood and pregnancy. The company sees a great potential in publishing titles that combine spirituality and philosophy. The overall aim is to fill a niche market; health and psychology books for the general public - accessible to the general reader, inclusive rather than exclusive.
Content is from the site's 2003 - 2013 archived pages providing a brief glimpse of the authors and books published by Michelle Anderson Publishing.


Michelle Anderson Publishing up for sale

17 March 2016 | www.booksandpublishing.com.au/

Melbourne publishing company Michelle Anderson Publishing is up for sale.

Publisher Michelle Anderson said she has decided to retire and is looking to sell the business, including all stock and overseas rights contracts, before June.

Anderson told Books+Publishing she is ‘sorry to let the company go’. ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my years in publishing, especially the overseas rights sales side, and am grateful to have had the most interesting and dedicated authors … I would like to thank NewSouth Books, who have done a wonderful job distributing my books, and Andrew Easton from Alpa Books, who has been an integral part of the company’s success.’

Michelle Anderson Publishing specialises in health, philosophy and mind/body titles, as well as children’s nonfiction. Anderson purchased the company 15 years ago after previously working as a publisher at Hill of Content Publishing for 25 years.


About Us

MICHELLE ANDERSON PUBLISHING PTY LTD specialises in the areas of general medical health,philosophy and mind/body as well as a children's non-fiction list. Written by experts in their different fields they have been and continue to be extremely successful. You Can Conquer Cancer by Dr Ian Gawler has sold in excess of 250,000 copies. Other very popular titles include   Our Babies Have Died: Stories of Miscarriage, Stillbirth & Neonatal Death by Sands (Vic) Nutrition for the Brain by Dr Charles Krebs; A Lifelong Journey: Staying Well with Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder; Living with Alzheimer's by Dr K Ladd and Stop Parkin' and Start Livin'  : Reversing the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease by John Coleman ND is an important new title as well as Mutual Healing: After the Affair and Let's Talk About It! Finding Peace with Death and Dying in Everyday Life by Lea Rose.      

The children’s non fiction list includes the award-winning Peacetimes (the most sought-after book after September 11) which has now sold over 350,000 copies worldwide and Lifetimes, A Beautiful Way to Explain Life and Death to Children with sales of over 300,000 worldwide, Broken Beaks by Nathaniel Lachenmeyer is a beautiful new addition to this series.  It explains mental illness through the use of a sparrow and a homeless man. All the company’s titles are sold in different languages around the world from Iceland, Serbia, Russia to Japan, China, Malaysia and Italy, France, Germany and many others. The lead title for 2014 is Sacred Space the book of the website sacredspace.ie (set up by the Jesuit Communication Centre, Ireland) the latter being translated into 19 languages with 20 million hits since it began a couple of years ago. The company has secured world rights to the book and sales have been made to the US, Ireland and the UK. Negotiations are being made for the book to be sold to publishers in the foreign language countries.



  • General Health & Medical
  • Inspiration, Motivation & Spirituality
  • Babies, Motherhood & Parenting
  • Gawler Foundation
  • Dealing with grief
  • Children's Wellbeing
  • Bushwalking & Environment




Recent Bestsellers 2012

Unshrinking Psychosis

Unshrinking Psychosis-
Understanding and healing the wounded soul-

What's Dead Mean 
helping children deal with grief-

Healing Schizophrenia

Healing Schizophrenia :
Using Medication Wisely-

The Gawler Foundation Cookbook: -
A Recipe for Life 1


New Releases  -  Teenagers & Grief

Teenagers & Grief

Teenagers & Grief
Coping with loss

Sacred Space 2012

Sacred Space
The Prayer Book 2012

You Cannot Take our Love

You Cannot take our Love
Anorexia takes everything but it cannot touch a family’s love


The Rise of Psychomanagement

The Rise of Psychomanagement in Australia



You can conquer cancer

You can Conquer Cancer
New edition

Every Precious Breath

Every Precious Breath
Inspirational Stories about Living with Cystic Fibrosis

My Mother, My Writing and Me

Secret Garden of Spirituality
Reflections on faith, life & spirituality



Gawler Foundation



You Can Conquer Cancer- - New Edition
by Dr Ian Gawler

RRP $27.95 AUD

Ian Gawler is Australia's best-known cancer survivor. His book "You Can Conquer Cancer" was a revolutionary book when first published in 1984. It has been reprinted sixteen times and translated into German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Polish, Sinhalese, Thai, Czech and Korean. It has become a classic and one of the most widely-read books on the subject of cancer prevention and management.


Meditation Pure and Simple
by Dr Ian Gawler

RRP  $24.95 AUD

Knowing the basics of meditation and overcoming the problems many beginners have are perhaps the two most important aspects of meditation when you first begin. This book will help you through the difficult times many people experience at first and encourage even the most reluctant person to become dedicated to daily meditation.>

This book is now the definitive guide to mediation by one of the world's foremost teachers of meditation.  It includes chapters on the Heart and Essence of Meditation, A Theoretical Framework, The Direct Approach, The Proper Environment, Relaxation, Calming the Mind, Putting the Practice Together and many other inspiring chapters. For anyone wanting to learn about and practise mediation, this books is an important tool.

Peace of Mind : New Edition
by Dr. Ian Gawler

RRP $24.95 AUD

This book fully explains the techniques of meditation and the many benefits that can be obtained from the practice of meditation, visualisation and positive thinking. The author places emphasis upon the fact that a state of peace of mind is now recognised as essential for well being and perfect health.

Surviving Cancer
-Inspiring Stories of Hope and Healing

Paul Kraus (Editor) 
Professor Gabriel Kune (Foreword)
Dr Ian Gawler (Introduction)

RRP : AUD $21.95

For many people the diagnosis of cancer seems like a death sentence... but it need not necessarily be so. "Surviving Cancer" brings us stories of hope and inspiration, from people who have successfully recovered from all kinds of cancers- even some against medical odds.  We become aware of just how much more than pure medical/surgical treatment is involved in bringing about successful survival.  The way we live, think and focus all come into play.  Diet, meditation and finding the right mindset and strategies are powerful survival tools.  A holistic approach melding body, mind and spirit, allow the body to unleash its full healing power.

Each person tells his or her own story, in their own words, describing the ups and downs, highs and lows, in their very personal cancer journey.  They give us insight into their thought processes and what failures and successes they experienced in their battle. Each story shows remarkable honesty and a deep view of their emotions, devastations and hopes.

"Cancer might rob us of that blissful ignorance that once led us to believe that tomorrow stretches forever.  In exchange, we are granted the vision to see each today as precious, a gift to be used wisely and richly.  No one can take that away."

The book is edited by Paul Kraus, himself a cancer sufferer whose recent writing focus has been on health and healing.

"Surviving Cancer" shares real life examples of those who have recovered from cancer and provides encouragement and hope to others who are beginning their own journey.  Cancer can be beaten- and the more open you are to utilising everything possible, and the more you have in your cancer-fighting toolbox, the better your odds can be.  This book can help fill in some of the gaps and give inspiration and motivation.

A Recipe for Life 2

The Gawler Foundation Cookbook
A Recipe for Life 2
By Dorothy Edgelow-

RRP: AUD$34.95

A Recipe for Life 2 offers a complete pathway to health.  Over 170 new wheat, dairy and egg-free recipes.  Important nutritional information helps the reader follow this path.  Delicious recipes include fish, vegetables, salads, soups, dips, sauces, stuffings, bread, tofu, desserts, cakes, drinks, grains and pulses to mention a few.

The Gawler Foundation is known throughout the world and this book is the second in the series by Dorothy Edgelow.

The Gawler Foundation Cookbook: A Recipe for Life 1
by Dorothy Edgelow

RRP: AUD $34.95

Dorothy Edgelow has dedicated much of her life to the pursuit of healthy and nutritious food and was responsible for the nutritional component of the Gawler Foundation programs.  This book includes a comprehensive description of the whole food diet that is served on all of the courses, recipes from the kitchen, healthy preparation methods, an explanation of some of the less well known ingredients and a guide to sourcing whole foods.  The 28-day menu plan and weekly shopping lists are a wonderful resource for the reader.  Over 100 recipes and a full colour section of completed dishes.

Apple A Day

Nutritional Reference and Cook Book
by Dorothy Edgelow (The Gawler Foundation) for The Children’s Whole Health Foundation & Author of The Gawler Foundation Cookbook)

RRP : AUD $19.95

With the enormous problem of childhood obesity and depression throughout the world, this book has been written to assist parents and children lead happier and healthier lives.  This publication provides parents (and children) with comprehensive and important nutritional advice. 

Information and diagrams on the twelve body systems, i.e. the respiratory and digestive systems are included, as well as information on the vitamins, minerals and foods essential to each system. 

  • Over 200 recipes

  • A Nutrient Content Chart; and

  • Complementary therapies.

The author is known for her work with The Gawler Foundation and assisted Ian Gawler in establishing the Foundation in the early ‘80s.



David Bennett

David Myles Bennett QC is a Senior Fellow of the Melbourne University Law School and a former Adjunct Professor of Law at University of Technology, New South Wales. He is a former Treasurer and Trustee of the National Gallery of Victoria, Chair of the former Victorian Classification of Publications Board and since 1995 has been a member of the Executive of the State Library of Victoria Foundation. He has written a legal textbook and a biography as well as numerous articles and papers for professional journals, Quadrant and other publications.

John Coleman, Naturopath

John is the author of the new book -Stop Parkin' and Start Livin', Reversing the Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.  By August 1995 John had lost his power of speech and was wondering how he could go on living.  Suffering symptoms of Stage IV Parkinson's Disease, diagnosed by five medical and complementary practitioners, he was unable to walk more than five metres without assistance and took up to an hour and a half to dress himself.  Frustrated with the treatment and prognosis he had received, he decided to pursue other pathways to health. With the aid of Homeopathy, Aqua hydration formulas, bowen therapy, craniosacral therapy, flower essences, counselling, meditation and spiritual development, John was completely symptom-free by April 1998. He now travels around Australia and overseas lecturing and conducting workshops for various health organizations.

David Corby

David Corby is Director of the College, world renowned teacher of holistic kinesiology, and author of Finding Joy within and Neuropressure. David’s passion is in researching and using traditional healing systems, particularly the acupuncture system. He is the developer of six courses, four of which are based on the acupuncture system.  David’s philosophy is that healing is most effective when we empower our clients to find their own way, particularly in helping them reconnect and express what is in their core being to fully manifest their potential.

Dorothy Edgelow with Ian Gawler

Dorothy Edgelow is the author of the very successful A Recipe for Life, The Gawler Foundation Cookbook Volumes 1 and 2.  Due to the cancer of one of her daughters many years ago she began a journey into diet, vitamins and minerals and positive thought in a successful effort to help her daughter regain her health.  In her journey she met Dr Ian Gawler and volunteered her time to assist in the establishment of the now well-known Gawler Foundation.  She has played a major role in the success of The Gawler Foundation over many years

Dr Ian Gawler

Dr Ian Gawler

Dr Ian Gawler is one of Australia's best known cancer survivors and advocates of a healthy lifestyle. His story offers hope and inspiration to people everywhere. The self help techniques that he developed have helped many to convert hope into sustained health and peace of mind. A pioneer in Mind/Body Medicine, Dr Gawler is known for his clarity and good humour. With a gift for translating ancient wisdom into a modern context, Ian has played a major part in popularizing meditation and other mind techniques in the western world. 
As a young veterinary surgeon and athlete, Ian developed bone cancer (osteogenic sarcoma). His leg was amputated in 1975. Later that year the cancer returned and at one point, Ian was expected to live for only a few weeks. Ian then developed an effective self help program with key principles: Good food, positive attitudes, meditation and loving support. 
Not content with just surviving, Dr Gawler began to share these principles with others. The cancer support group he began in 1981 was the first group in Australia to actively address the needs of patients and their families in coping with, and attempting to overcome, the many challenges cancer presents. The Gawler Foundation was formed in 1983 as a non-profit, non-denominational body to further his work. The Gawler name has become well known and respected throughout Australia and internationally as representing aholistic approach to health which improves both quality of life and survival times. 
Ian Gawler has studied meditation with Dr Ainslie Meares, Indian, Buddhist, Zen Christian and other Western Meditation Masters. He combines the intellect of the West with the insight of the East. 
He has published many books, "You Can Conquer Cancer", "Meditation Pure and Simple", "The Creative Power of Imagery" & "Peace of Mind".

Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth Gould

Elizabeth had an eclectic career before cancer including working as a lawyer, management consultant, marketing manager and senior roles in multi-national executive recruitment firms. She is now a full-time writer, having been published in Vogue and is currently completing her first screenplay.


Dr Craig Hassed

Dr Craig Hassed was trained in medicine at Melbourne University and graduated in 1984. His interest in a holistic approach led him to focus on wellbeing rather than simply treating illness. This led him to focus upon counselling, mind-body medicine and meditation. In 1988 Craig decided to make a contribution to bridging these missing links in medical education through joining the Monash University Department of Community Medicine and General Practice. 
He has written "New Frontiers in Medicine" and "Know Thyself".

Dr Charles Krebs is a former Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Maryland with fifteen years teaching and research experience.  He is the author of A Revolutionary Way of Thinking and has recently developed a series of nutriceuticals to enhance mental performance by maintaining brain integration when under stress as well as a nutriceutical for balancing and enhancing muscle function.  He also conducts research on brain function and muscle physiology at Universities in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.  Recently he was appointed as a consultant to the Indian National Cricket Team to enhance their sports performance!

Professor Gabriel Kune MD FRCS (England) FRACS FACS is Professor of Surgery Emeritus, University of Melbourne, and Consultant Surgeon, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia.  Professor Kune has been in the forefront of cancer research and cancer surgery for 30 years, and has published three books and over 100 scientific articles on cancer control, with a major focus on the prevention and early detection of cancer. A past Hunterian Professor of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, he has lectured extensively in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Europe, Japan and South America. Professor Kune is passionately committed to the future successful control of all human cancers.

Nathaniel Lachenmeyer

Nathaniel Lachenmeyer is an award-winning US author specializing in mental health and homeless issues. His first book, "The Outsider" is a powerful and moving memoir about his father's struggle with schizophrenia and homelessness. Nathaniel recently collaborated with the renowned Australian illustrator Robert Ingpen on "Broken Beaks", a remarkable children's picture book about the friendship between a small sparrow and a homeless man, which highlights the heroism and dignity of people with mental illness. 
Nathaniel's forthcoming books include "The Stones of Madness", a history and critique of the state psychiatric hospital system in the US, which will be published by Smithsonian Institution Press, and 13, an irreverent look at a popular superstition, in 13 chapters, which will be published by Four Walls Eight.

Kylie Ladd, BA(Hons), MA (Clinical Neuropsych), PhD is a Clinical Neuropsychologist consulting at the Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service at the Peter James Centre in Melbourne, and in private practice. Her PhD focused on the early detection of Alzheimer’s disease. Since this was completed in 1996 she has worked in a variety of memory clinic settings in Australia and the UK, including helping to establish the first memory clinic in Scotland. Kylie also works as a freelance writer and is a regular contributor for a national parenting magazine as well as having been published in a variety of newspapers, journals and magazines.

Dr Christine Maingard is a speaker, writer, facilitator and business consultant.  Her understanding and knowledge are grounded in her extensive background as a senior corporate executive and a specialist in the learning and professional development fields.  Her own ‘transformation’ from working in stressful and complex environments to learning how to slow down and think less has taught her that being mindful is pivotal for our health and wellbeing.

For more information please visit Dr Maingard at http://www.thinklessbemore.com

Dr Ginni Mansberg

See Photo : Ginni holding Anne's baby, Isabella, Anne holding Ginni's daughter

Ginni Mansberg was born in 1968 in Sydney. She leapt straight from school to the University of Newcastle where she completed her medical degree, before returning to the relatively cleaner big smoke of Sydney. She finished her junior medical resident training a week before having her first child and pursued her career in General Practice while having her next two children.

Being a masochist, she found that being a GP, wife and mother wasn’t hectic enough, so she took herself back to University – this time at the University of Technology Sydney, where she completed her Graduate Diploma of Journalism. Since then she has worked as a medical journalist, a general practitioner as well as general housemaid, homework supervisor and taxi driver for a variety of sporting and dancing events. She has retained her clinical interest in Women’s Health and Nutrition.  Tired? Well, used to be.

This is Ginni’s first book. She is a widely published medical journalist with regular feature articles and columns in Medical ObserverPractical Parenting and the Journal of Complementary Medicine.

Dr Francis Macnab AM is the founder of The Cairnmillar Institute for Psychotherapy, Psychological Counselling, Professional Education and Community Education.  He has lectured in many overseas countries as well as leading conferences on Trauma and Trauma Therapy in turkey, Romania, Hungary and Germany and Marriage and the Family for thirteen nations and islands of the Pacific.  He is the author of twenty-four books

Benjamin Marks

Benjamin Marks SLNSW is a prolific author of his own numerous works and a card-carrying member of the State Library of New South Wales. A critic of such newspapers as The Sydney Morning Herald and The New York Times, his views go unchallenged at universities around the world. Born into slavery to the Commonwealth of Australia, Marks also works for the tax office.

Rodney Marks

Rodney Marks is Australia's (mis)leading comedian. A corporate impostor who infiltrates organisations at business events.  Most managers do the same, but he waits his turn to speak - and his fraudulent keynote addresses are exposed.  Well qualified to say nothing at length, he and his comedy characters have graduated from the AGSM and Harvard.

Donald Marshall AM,M.B., M.S., F.R.A.C.S., F.A.C.S., was Head of Plastic Surgery at Prince Henry’s Hospital and Monash Medical Centre from 1968-1996, and was appointed Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, Monash University in 1987.

He has published extensively on plastic surgery and has worked and lectured in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. He currently practices in Melbourne, Australia.

Brian J Meade Dr Brian Meade obtained Distinctions and Higher Distinctions in Pathology, Endocrinology, Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition.  He lectured in Physiology and Endocrinology at Deakin University while continuing medical research into the thymus gland and immunity.  He is a Senior Research Fellow at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine.  Brian's area of interest is the impact of lifestyle and particularly nutrients on the biochemistry and molecular biology of prostate cancer.

Manfred Kaiser

Lucia Nardo

Lucia Nardo- (M.Bus. B.SW) has enjoyed a diverse career - from counselling to consulting.  She scrambled up the corporate ladder and found success as an executive and popular keynote speaker in the business arena.  She has contributed to numerous business publications.  Lucia’s books, Heart to Heart – a Survivor’s Guide to Heart Surgery and Soul Sisters, reflect Lucia’s unique sense of humour and quirky style.-  -Lucia lives in Melbourne with her husband, family and Ferrari the fabulous Maltese cross terrier.  She continues to be inspired by the humdrum and humour of everyday life-

Elizabeth Rand, B. App Sci OT: Grad Dip Neuroscience, is an Accredited Occupational Therapist with a post graduate diploma in Neuroscience. She is the co-ordinator of the Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service (CDAMS) at the Caulfield General Medical Centre in Melbourne and the state chairperson of the CDAMS Co-ordinators Group. She has a special interest in dementia assessment and support, having worked in the field for fifteen years.

“My first few years after a diagnosis of dementia would have been very much improved had this valuable book been available at that time.Whether you are a person recently diagnosed with dementia, a carer, or other family member, I am sure that the information, practical hints, and guidance that this book contains will be of great help to you in this journey with dementia”Christine Bryden.

Ann Rennie writes for the Faith column in the Melbourne Age and mentions the book in each column. She has organized for a review to appear in ‘Australian Catholics’ magazine which goes to 180,000 subscribers as well as ‘Kairos’ magazine and ‘Madonna’ magazine.

Ann was born in England and raised in Melbourne, the eldest of seven siblings. She attended Genazzano Convent and graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After working in the Public Service Ann left Melbourne and lived overseas for eight years. Returning to Melbourne, Ann undertook a writing course and graduated with a husband-to-be, Robert. Seeking gainful employment, she completed a Graduate Diploma of Education at the University of Melbourne and commenced teaching in 1995. Since then Ann has undertaken further studies in student welfare and has Masters Degrees in Religious Education and Educational Leadership. Ann is currently teaching English and Religious Education at Genazzano and undertaking a PhD candidature at the Australian Catholic University

Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell

Sarah Russell (PhD) is the Principal Researcher of Research Matters in Melbourne, Australia. Sarah creatively engages people to talk about issues of health and social justice. She brings individual voices together to tell a powerful collective story. Sarah has published numerous academic articles and frequently writes letters and opinion pieces for newspapers. "A Lifelong Journey" is her first book. 

Robert Spillane

Robert Spillane

Professor Robert Spillane is well known around Australia and internationally as winner of the International Thomas S Szasz Award for his professional contribution to the cause of human liberty.  He has written eleven books and numerous journal articles.  His book An Eye for An Eye: Living Philosophy has been reprinted twice.  He is Professor and Past Dean of the Macquarie Graduate School of Management at Macquarie University.  He continues to give lectures on philosophy at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.-

He has written nine books, numerous journal articles and a play – “Entertaining Executives” – which was first performed in May, 2006 at the Mermaid Theatre in London. From 2003-2005 he delivered the widely acclaimed series of lectures on philosophy and psychology at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Dr Peta Stapleton is a registered Psychologist in the State of Queensland, Australia, and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has previously spent seven years lecturing at Griffith University, Gold Coast and is currently involved in private practice, specialising in addictions and eating disorders.  Peta is well known in her area of speciality and is consulted regularly for radio, television and print media interviews for her expert opinion.  She has been awarded many honours including the Australian Psychological Society Elaine Dignan Award for research into women’s issues.  Her first book DIY: Change Your Life Subconsciously was released in August 2005 and is available nationally.  Peta is married with one daughter and resides on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia.

Isabella, Anne & Ginni

Dr Anne Thomson

See photo : Baby Isabella, Anne and Ginni

Anne Thomson was born in Sydney in 1967.  Always on the lookout for the perfect beach she chose Newcastle University for her medical degree, which she completed in 1991. After a few years internship and residency she decided to specialise in General Practice and completed her postgraduate training and Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of GPs in 1997.  Since then she has worked in various general practices, finally starting her own group practice on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, where she pursued her special interest in Women’s Health and Paediatrics. She is currently taking some time off to have a family.  This is her first book.-

Tom Valenta is a pulic relations consultant, author and former journalist.  He is currently a Principal of the large public relations firm, Porter Novelli.  He sold the family business to Porter Novelli after Marie’s diagnosis.  His wife, Marie, is a former primary school teacher.  Their story has received extensive national publicity over the past three years including a double-page spread in TIME magazine

George Vlamakis has worked for several years as a Paediatric Social Worker in the Oncology and Emergency Units at Monash Medical Centre in Melbourne, Australia.He has also worked in hospitals in England and Romania. His interest in siblings, stems from parents’ frequently asked question: ‘How do I respond to the needs of the sibling, when so much of my attention needs to go to my sick child?’ This book, as much as possible, tries to capture the wisdom and answers of these same parents.

Sally White with husband and two sons

Sally White is a social worker who began her career in Child Protection. She now works as a training consultant in a broad range of areas from child protection to community based organisations with a particular focus on happiness and wellbeing.


John Watkins has been a mental health counsellor, educator and independent researcher for more than thirty years.  His main interest is in promoting holistic approaches to mental health and healing.  He is the author of Unshrinking Psychosis, Hearing Voices: A Common Human Experience and Healing Schizophrenia: Using Medication Wisely.

Doris Zagdanski

Doris Zagdanski, BA Dip. Ed. has had the opportunity to meet hundreds of grieving people. For five years she held the voluntary position of Home Visitor to all families in regional Victoria whose child died unexpectedly of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. She has been employed as a funeral director and is a registered civil funeral celebrant. She has written the following books: Teenagers & Grief", "What's Dead Mean?", "Stuck for Words", "How Teenagers Cope with Grief" and "Now That the Funeral Is Over". 
She operates her own education consultancy and is known for her unique public speaking and training style. She has received Keynote Speaker invitations for conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand and in Norway. Doris is married and lives with her family on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Doris operates her own education consultancy and is known for her unique public speaking and training style.  She has received Keynote Speaker invitations for conferences throughout Australia, New Zealand and in Norway.